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Goodbye 2018.


I'm very thankful and proud of what I have done so far at 2018. I can not deny that I could do way much better, otherwise, I have a huge development opportunity that comes on top of this year.

A lot happened personally and professionally that helped me defining my own way...


- Wedding 🎉

The reason number 1° to be personally happy with no doubt is my wedding with my beloved wife, we studied together back to the university then we started seeing each others after couple of months.

We have been always seeking to make it official. The thing that we did late in this year. We had our day on 20th of October 2018.

In my traditional Moroccan Djelaba

In my traditional Moroccan Djelaba

I am also working toward moving to a new house with my wife as soon as possible. Been preparing for this for weeks and still ongoing.

Bunch of things are coming up with and I am very thrilled about what's cooking next.

- Mental Health 😵

I was very concerned about mental health lately and was working really hard to get out all of the temporary depression that I get in a daily basis. I started meditating for at least 1 min before I start my day, to let my brain knows that I'm good and everything is under control.

What caused me this, is a job that I have but really seeking to quit from as soon as I can. I am sure I will be writing about this in details once I find a new job.

Taking care of the mental health was really uncommon for me until I was concerned by my own mental health. It was very odd for me to start consider my brain as a computer and in fact, I can reprogram it the way I want with positive affirmations and other things.

Control your brain and you will be in control of everything.

- Writing ✍️ 

I was always thinking about writing and blogging about different things that inspire me including technical blog posts. I consider this as a failure cause I shared no single blog post before this one so far.

I am planing to write at least 10 blog posts the next year as part of the improvement of this section of my life.


- 99% Unattached from my job ✌️ 

The daily depression and anxiety I talked about at the mental health section was all related to my job. Yes having a job is a good thing, but overworking is a very very bad thing, no risk reward here.

I started developing the idea of a remote job when a friend of mine told me about how better for me to find one like he did. Working for multi-trillion-dollar company doesn't mean a good environment as it seems.

Instead of quitting fully I only work as a part-timer now, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, just the time to find something serious I can get into.

- First profitable startup 😍 

I have been always happy how other developers around the world who decided to go full indie developers instead of making somebody else's dream becoming true. It's a fact that we, the developers, aren't all seeking for money but I personally seek to feel accomplished and doing something that has a direct impact.

What still shocking me is how this tiny startup has changed every single peace of my believes. I have to start doing more than searching and trying to understand, learning by doing is fun and makes you enjoying the process.

You can learn a bite more about this into this Twitter thread.

- Joined M-Shule 👨‍💻 

As part of my full time remote Laravel/VueJS developer journey, I came across M-Shule introduced to me by my friend Rachid Laasri who's very active at Laravel community, he forwarded me to the developer advocate as a part of his wellness to hire a remote Laravel developer.

I am actually working remotely as a part time developer with M-shule. I love the purpose of M-shule and how they want to improve the learning process in an unique way.

We had the 2018 Google Impact challenge Winner Award.

Make sure to support us at @OurMshule

So far, this year was good enough to be said. I made a reasonable 2019 road-map and goals to hit that I will be sharing in an other post.